Live Well Community

We support the mental health and overall wellbeing of the people in our community by providing teaching, guidance and awareness of principles, techniques and tools to support positive mental wellbeing. 

Live Strong Programme

Live Strong is funded by The National Lottery, is a wellbeing enriching programme of activities for adults.

Each week we run 3 exercise sessions (circuits, general fitness, yoga); two drop in ‘Cuppa Time’ sessions and two mindfulness sessions.

All sessions are completely free and some even provide free child play sessions alongside.

Check out our timetable or contact us for more information!  

Resilience Bootcamp

For Year 6 and Secondary School aged young people. Each session includes a warm up and a 20 minute fitness session – Bootcamp Circuits or Boxercise or HIIT/Tabatta – followed by a cool down and stretch. We then move on to group-based work exploring emotional wellbeing topics. Evidence shows that using exercise first, ‘breaks the ice’ within the group, gets the body producing endorphins and flushing away cortisol, resulting in the group being more open and engaged in the ’emotional wellbeing’ group work. 

Relax Kids

Relax Kids use a 7 Step Programme, to bring children from a high-energy to low energy state. Each ‘block’ of sessions (a block is typically 6, 1 hour sessions) relates to a ‘theme’. Themes can be tailored to the interests of the group of children or generalised themes for example, Superheroes. Relax Kids ‘Magical Adventures’ classes are aimed at primary age children. Sessions include physical movement and group games; stretching and self-massage; breathing techniques; positive affirmations; visualisation and relaxation. 

Adults Relaxation and Wellbeing Courses

Our adult sessions focus specifically on adults taking some ‘time out’ to look after their own emotional wellbeing. We use the Relax Kids 7 step process whilst exploring topics such as positive self talk and self love, gratitude, reframing, self confidence, assertiveness, etc. As always, we teach techniques such as breathing, self-massage, mindful moments and deep body relaxation to be practiced in day to day life.