Live Well Families

LWNE are passionate about encouraging families to improve their wellbeing together. Our range of activities, events and activities strengthen families and improve the wellbeing of Mums, Dads, Sisters and Brothers.


SENsational, provides a variety of groups and classes for children and young people with additional needs. Sessions are delivered as follows:

SENsational – Stay, Play, Relax. Our sensory free play allows the children to feel comfortable to explore, enjoy and build friendships in an environment where they can ‘just be’. We incorporate wellbeing steps and relaxation techniques such as sensory circuits, breathing, stretch, massage, affirmations, etc. into free play so that participants learn emotional management techniques to use in day to day life. We finish every session with a relaxation/meditation.

SENsational Strength – Fitness/Exercise. SENsational strength will be a range of differential exercise sessions for children and young people with a range of additional needs. We aim to support building core strength, balance, coordination and fitness in accessible, engaging and fun formats. We offer Boxercise sessions, RockBox and Sensory Circuits. 

The interventions we deliver help support children and young people’s physical and emotional wellbeing. We will support children and young people and teach them skills and techniques to improve resilience, self-esteem and confidence, manage emotions, build friendships and relationships.

Family Fitness Sessions

LWNE are passionate about encouraging families to improve their wellbeing together. Family fitness sessions, such as Family Boxercise, Family RockBox and Family Circuits, allow adults to work with their children and get fit together, whilst having fun!

Family Relax Workshops

Bringing families together to engage in physical movement; bonding games and activities; family massage; breathing techniques; relaxation. A wonderful way to engage the whole family, teach techniques that can be used in the home, and improve wellbeing for the whole family.