Our Impact

Throughout all of our work, we aim to support our beneficiaries and teach skills and techniques to build their overall wellbeing by: Improving self esteem and confidence; Building resilience; Improving emotional regulation; Improving fitness; Improving relationships and friendships; Developing coping skills and independence.

Our Impact

We use a pre and post evaluation system on an individual basis to measure the impact on each participant’s wellbeing. We receive feedback on impact from:

  • Participants (e.g. children themselves)
  • Parents and Carers
  • Teaching staff
  • Group leaders

Bespoke reports are produced for schools, parents and children with our results from our impact measurements. 

Our impact has been the improved emotional and physical wellbeing of the children and young people we have worked with to date and our beneficiaries have reported:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased self esteem
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased physical fitness and general wellbeing
  • Being able to implement our taught emotional regulation strategies, in day to day life.

Parents and carers have reported the following positive changes for the children attending our community SENsational courses:

  • Growing ability to use techniques such as breathing to regulate emotions
  • Building friendships in the SENsational sessions
  • Willingness to use relaxation and meditation outside of the SENsational sessions
  • The enjoyment of being part of a supportive, non-judgemental and inclusive group
  • A place to feel welcome and accepted and learn emotional wellbeing skills in a developmentally appropriate form

Whilst we can show improvements in the above areas for our children and young people, there is a wider impact for the families, parents and guardians of our beneficiaries, that provides them with some respite, and provides techniques and practises that can be used by parents/guardians to support their children to build on the work we do. 

Parents and carers have reported that they feel comfortable and welcomed in the SENsational sessions, and value the time to talk with other parents and carers, facilitated by the group leaders.

In November 2018, Live Well North East were awarded £1000 from Greggs to carry out work with children and young people in a disadvantaged area. We would like to tell you about how we have used the funding, how it has impacted our beneficiaries so far, and how we feel it will continue to impact the wellbeing of our beneficiaries.

How we used the funding:

  • Sensory equipment for our SENsational sessions – We purchased specialised sensory equipment for the weekly sessions that we deliver for children, young people and their families, with additional needs. Such equipment includes a large sensory blackout den, sensory lights, beanbags for our calming ‘cosy corner’, and much more.
  • Training – Three of our Live Well Coaches have taken part in training courses (Boxercise and England Boxing) to enable us to deliver accessible and inclusive exercise sessions for disadvantaged children and young people, including those with additional needs/special educational needs, and economically disadvantaged children and young people.
  • Marketing – We were able to use the funding to create a website (livewellne.co.uk) to advertise our SENsational sessions, and our other services, to reach a larger audience and therefore serve more beneficiaries.


  • The new sensory equipment has enhanced our SENsational sessions significantly. The children attending have loved the equipment. They have a safe and comforting place to explore and play in the sensory blackout den. They can explore and be creative with the sensory equipment, building friendships as they play and engage. They relax in the calming ‘cosy corner’, reading stories, engaging in breathing and massage techniques, and listening to relaxations.

One child said “I love it so much. I love the tent so, so much. I love the lights which relax and chill me out.”

One of our parents said “Absolutely brilliant. My kids have been excited to come all week. I have one very shy child who has blossomed and became more confident and one child who is very hyper. It is brilliant to have a place where he can have his energy and be free with no judgement. Thank you.”

Five of the children who have been attending SENsational, have now had the confidence to enrol on to our ‘Mini Monsters’ Relax Kids Durham course. This course helps them to learn about their emotions, and how to manage them.

Following the Boxercise training that two of our Live Well Coaches attended, our now Qualified Boxercise Instructors have been able to start delivering sessions for a local charity, Sacriston Youth Project, helping economically disadvantaged children and young people access exercise and physical wellbeing.

Since being awarded the Greggs grant and creating our website, our SENsational sessions have increased in members. We have increased from 3-4 families attending, to now regularly having 10 families per week attending. Furthermore, our other wellbeing services are also reaching more beneficiaries and thus we are helping to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of approximately 50 disadvantaged children and young people in the community.

Our beneficiaries and families have reported:

    • improved physical and emotional wellbeing
    • improved life skills relating to emotional wellbeing (relaxation and emotional regulation skills)
    • improved social skills, support and friendships

How we will continue to impact our beneficiaries:

We are excited, proud and grateful to be able to say that we have used the funding from Greggs to create sustainable, positive impact for disadvantaged children and young people in our community. The training of Live Well Coaches allows us to increase the services we offer, the website will allow us to continue to expand our audience and members, and our equipment will continue to enhance all of our sessions. We have also been able to fund five economically disadvantaged children, to attend our sessions and courses, at no charge, thanks to the growth of our organisation, aided by the Greggs funding.

We are extremely grateful for the support from Greggs. 

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