Our Mission

To empower people through knowledge, awareness and daily enriching activities so that they have the tools to be resilient, healthy and thrive with positive wellbeing.


Promoting awareness and teaching tools and techniques to build resilience and promote wellbeing, to prevent poor mental and physical health.

Early Intervention

Fast response when symptoms of poor wellbeing begin to display.

Quick Action

Avoiding lengthy waiting lists that can often be experienced in primary services.

Lasting Impact

Teaching skills that can have life-long impact and educating individuals on wellbeing for a lasting impact.


Building individual and community resilience

Improved aspirations

leading to increased participation in education and employment.

Awareness and Education

A community where positive action towards wellbeing is embedded in everything and everyone.

Community Cohesion and esteem

People working together to support one another and know how to support one another.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Leading to improved mental health, physical health, fitness, educational engagement and attainment, employment, decrease in suicide.

Physical Activity

Increased participation in physical activity, exercise and fitness.

Decrease in referrals to primary services

decrease in individuals accessing GP services for low level issues surrounding mental health.

Decrease in anti-social behaviour

Working with other local organisations, Children and young people being engaged in positive projects and proud of their community.

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