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Live Well North East provide wellbeing services for children, young people and adults. We offer an extensive range of services, covering emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing. Services can be purchased individually, or as a Bespoke package, tailored to the needs of your school.


Live Well North East have many years of experience delivering in schools and nurseries across County Durham. Our senior management team can advise on how to use your budget to pay for our services, as well as which services may meet your needs best.

Our Services:
• Relax Kids – For Primary School aged children. 7 Step Programme, to bring children from high- energy to low energy state. Each ‘block’ of sessions (a block is typically 6, 1 hour sessions) relates to a ‘theme’. Themes can be tailored to the interests of the group of children or generalised themes for example, Superheroes. Sessions include physical movement and group games; stretching and self-massage; breathing techniques; positive affirmations; visualisation and relaxation.

• Little Stars – For nursery aged children. Following the Relax Kids, 7 Step Programme, in an accessible, age related, block of sessions.

• Unplugged – For Year 6 and Secondary School aged young people. Following the Relax Kids, 7 Step Programme, in an accessible, age related, block of sessions. Sessions are based around tackling specific issues rather than themes.

• Resilience Bootcamp – Primary and Secondary School aged young people. Each session includes a warm up and a 20 minute fitness session followed by a cool down and stretch. We then move on to group-based work exploring emotional wellbeing topics and ending with strategies and tools for managing emotions. Evidence shows that using exercise first, ‘breaks the ice’ within the group, gets the body producing endorphins and flushing away cortisol, resulting in the group being more open and engaged in the ’emotional wellbeing’ group work.

• Relax4SAT’s – For Year 6 pupils approaching their SAT’s. Four week course of sessions (1 hour), based around relieving exam stress. Each week has a different ‘topic of focus’. Sessions teach techniques for pupils to use which relieve stress and anxieties, and engage the brain for better attention and recall.

• Just Relax – For adults/staff. Available as single sessions, or block bookings, Just Relax is designed to allow staff to take some time to take care of their own emotional wellbeing. Sessions include ice- breaker talking games/group time to talk; muscle relaxation through stretching and self-massage; breathing techniques; visualisations and relaxations.

• Family Workshops – Bringing families together to engage in physical movement; bonding games and activities; family massage; breathing techniques; relaxation. A wonderful way to engage the whole family, facilitate relationships between the school and families, improve wellbeing for the whole family.

• Boxercise – For Primary and Secondary School aged children and young people. Encouraging children to be active, controlled and confident. Boxercise teaches technique and footwork, and is a highly effective form of cross training. Sessions are fun, accessible, non-contact and non- competitive. They teach young people coordination, balance, working safely with peers and the importance of control and technique whilst providing an excellent fitness workout.

• SENsational – For children with additional needs. Incorporating sensory play and relaxation techniques such as breathing, stretch, massage, affirmations, etc. so that participants learn emotional management techniques to use in day to day life. We finish every session with a relaxation/meditation.

Listed services are available for:
• Block bookings for full classes.
• Block bookings for one to one, or small groups.
• Wellbeing/Sport, days/weeks, including assemblies.
• Bespoke Packages.
• PPA cover.
• Pre-Exam courses.
• Full academic year Wellbeing Support.

Prices will vary depending on the specific requirements of your school, e.g. number of pupils, length of course, etc. Please email your specific requirements for each service to for a quote.

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