We offer an extensive range of services, covering emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing, for Secondary Schools and Further Education settings.

Services can be purchased individually, or as a Bespoke package, tailored to the needs of your school.

Live Well North East have many years of experience delivering in schools across County Durham.
As a not-for-profit organisation, our services are ethically priced with significant positive impact.

Benefits for children and young people:
• Improved wellbeing and resilience

• Ability to understand and manage emotions

• Learning to look after their wellbeing

• Improved physical wellbeing

• Increased confidence, self-image and self-esteem

• Better interpersonal skills and communication skills

• More likely to achieve academic potential

• Improved behaviour, attitudes and relationships

Benefits for your school:
• External support for pupil wellbeing, emotional literacy and personal development
• Resilient students, more able to engage in learning due to improved ability to calm and self regulate, as well as improved attitudes towards learning and self development
• Embedding positive relationships, empathy, acceptance and kindness into school life
• Wide range of support, delivery styles and expertise encompassing physical and mental wellbeing needs
• A whole school, whole family, whole community approach, with scope to work with pupils, staff, families and wider community

Services And Sessions Are Outlined Below, Generally All Emotional Wellbeing Sessions
Involve Age Appropriate Elements Of:
• Time To Talk

• How The Brain Works And Emotional Responses – Recognising And Understanding Emotions
• Strategies To Manage Emotions Such As Breathing Techniques, Massage, Mindfulness – Techniques To Increase
• Self Esteem And Confidence Such As Positive Self Talk
• Promoting Positive Relationships And Communication – Growth Mindset
• Ways To Stay Well And Maintain Positive Emotional And Physical Wellbeing

Listed Services Are Available For:

• Block Bookings For Full Classes.

• Block Bookings For One To One, Or Small Groups.

• One To One Sessions Tailored To Specific Issues And Needs.

• After School Clubs And Breakfast Clubs.

• Wellbeing/sport, Days/weeks, Including Assemblies.

• Bespoke Packages.

• Pre-exam Courses.

• Full Academic Year Wellbeing Support Including Session Delivery

• One To One Sessions, And Consultancy.

Services can be adapted and developed to fit timetabling. They can be delivered within lesson time, tutor time, after school, lunch and assemblies and specific wellbeing weeks/sports weeks.